The fruit of a common passion.

  • Love

The world of smells, this incredible world that plunges us into our memories and emotions. When our nose catches a scent, our memory can trigger a tremendous firework of emotions, the memory of a happy moment, a loved one, a childhood moment. Perfume is part of us, it reflects our personality, it connects us to our emotions. I have always been fascinated by this universe where essences make us travel without having to take a plane or face jetlag.


 (Sonia Limar Talec)

  • Create

I didn't think that this flame could shine any brighter; but when I met Jacinthe, my mentor, I explored a facet of this universe that I didn't know well, the formulation, the creation. (Behind the scene)
Deep down I knew it was in me, as an artist can see in his imagination his canvas, or an author hear his music, the scents appear to me in the form of colors, figures, they dance and link together in my mind; this is how I create a perfume, from the memory or the person who inspires me are born different colors, adjectives, figures, that I associate with each smell and that I assemble to make my creation.

These workshops with Jacinthe have become moments of pure happiness, beyond developing my knowledge and perfecting my olfactory education, we have created a very strong bond around our common passion.


(Create a perfume)

  • Be inspired

Tandem is inspired by one of these moments of communion that we have together; an olfactory moment, where time stops, where only this connection, this sharing, this complementarity counts. Like our exchanges, Tandem is a sparkling fragrance full of lightness, gaiety, and joy of life. The combination of sweet mint and lime brings originality and freshness that transports us to a slightly fruity heart where the Magnolia flower reveals all its grandeur and beauty. Its mineral trail ends in a powdery delicacy where one of the most beautiful roses embraces us with all its delicacy, the Rose de Mai.

A fragrance full of emotion, which reminds us that life's little pleasures are often the most beautiful, so let's enjoy it!



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    Comme d’habitude texte magnifique à lire il nous fait voyager et imaginer les moments que vous avez pu vivre ensemble et le plaisir que vous y avez pris. Superbe écriture

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