Sonia Limar Talec

My name is Sonia

I am the founder and creator of Kanopé Fragrances

Passionate and in love with the world of perfumery, I have always been immersed in this universe of scents and luxury.

Curious, with the desire to travel the world, it is in the beautiful city of Montreal that I decided to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life, the creation of a natural perfumery.

Kanopé was born from the desire to share with you my passion for scents and perfumes, by offering a healthy and responsible perfumery.

During two years, I worked on the research and the development of my first collection.

(Why I chose to make natural perfumes)

Perfumes that I create and make exclusively with essential oils and absolutes, because I believe in the therapeutic power of the scents offered by Nature, and I am convinced that it is essential to use ingredients that respect the human body, the health of everyone and the environment.

Using natural materials means taking advantage of the richness of each plant, each flower, each wood. The smell of a rose, a jasmine or any other synthetic material will never be as beautiful as that of the natural essence. Our nose could perceive differences and subtleties that chemistry cannot imitate.

Thanks to the beauty and generosity of the nature, each Kanopé perfume is "living" and "unique". 

Conceived and developed with love and passion, each fragrance is inspired by the beauty of the world and Nature, the love of scents and moments of emotions.

An olfactory universe full of freedom and creativity that will take you to the heart of my universe. A world in which emotions and stories are lived and told through scents, and which will be read on your skin.

When I'm not in the smell business, I like to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
I dance Zumba, enjoy the people I love and love to play with my two adorable cats. 
I am also an avid traveler, from which I draw my inspiration.

Starting this business is my life's dream and I hope you will enjoy traveling in my world and discovering my creations.

Olfactively yours,

Why Kanopé?

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