Starting my own business is one of the biggest and most exciting adventures I've ever had

It is to express and share a part of oneself, to share one's creativity, one's passions.

Kanopé was born in the beautiful city of Montreal in 2019, but its origins go back much further.

As a child, I was always fascinated by smells, by this universe where words don't need to be to express what we feel.`
It was therefore obvious that one day I would express myself in this way.
But this desire to create - and to make you travel in my universe - was born when I discovered the fragrances of a great French designer: Serge Lutens. I was literally overwhelmed by the beauty of these perfumes, by his enigmatic universe, but above all by the vision of this so different creator.

Why now?

Montreal and the challenges I went through before my arrival made me realize that the time had come. ( Why I chose to make natural perfume )

It was time for me to embark on a new adventure, the creation of my first perfume collection, the birth of Kanopé.

Kanopé represents a bridge between two worlds. A culture and a love of traditional perfumery associated with the need to consume more responsibly and to be more careful with the ingredients we use. It is a bridge between my life as a young woman and the woman I have become, between my life in France and my fulfillment in Quebec. 

Why Kanopé:

The canopy, treetops, a habitat rich in biodiversity.



I chose to be inspired by this word, because I wanted a strong name in connection with Nature and life. But I also wanted a link with perfumery...that's why there is no bar in the A of Kanopé, which represents the olfactory pyramid, the cradle of perfumery in Egypt and the symbol of the treetops. 

Our values and commitments:

With simple values, Kanopé is an original and unique perfumery.

Authenticity: The choice of materials and suppliers, the quality of the oils used for the creation of fragrances are my priorities.

I like to work with local producers, passionate about their activities and in love with smells, which can be felt in their oils, and therefore in my fragrances.

Creativity: The choice to innovate, to make you discover a living, personal, unisex perfumery. 

Respect: Of nature, and of the health of each one by constantly seeking to improve my ecological, environmental commitment, but also my commitment to you.

Love: Of perfumery, of smells, of life, of humanity, of nature.

Are you ready?

After almost two years of research and development, I finally have the immense pleasure to introduce you to my first eight fragrances:

Pas a Pas, Tomo, Uluru, Serge, Two for tea, Horizon, Platypus, and Svalbard.

Eight different universes, imagined and developed with passion.
Each perfume is inspired by the beauty of the world, nature, smells, and moments of emotion.
An olfactory journey of freedom and creativity that will take you to the heart of my universe.

A world in which emotions and stories are lived and told through scents, and which will be read on your skin.

Have a nice trip!

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