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Synthetic molecules are widely used for different reasons:

1) the perfumer has a wider range of scents

2) the cheaper price of raw materialsNatural perfumes are created without any synthetic materials.The choice to work only with natural materials is often due to the fact that the smell of a material will never be as beautiful as the natural one, and that even if the synthetic molecules are more controlled than before, some are dangerous for health and the environment.

To find your trail, you first have to ask yourself which materials and scents you like:

Do you prefer flowers? Woody scents? Spicy? Fruity? 

Then be curious, we often have the impression that we don't like a particular scent, but associated with another one it may surprise you, and you might even like it, so dare to be adventurous, let yourself be tempted by less known materials and olfactory families, you may be led to make some quite surprising discoveries.

Do not hesitate to write us, it is always a pleasure to guide you and to help you to find your Kanopé trail.


Finding your perfume is not an easy thing.
If you don't like the fragrance, it is possible to exchange it to try another one.
In this case you must contact us and send us a proof of purchase. Then you have to send us back the perfume you don't like at your expense.Once we have received this fragrance, we will proceed to send the new fragrance, also at your expense.
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