"Kanopé represents the language of my heart, it's my way of writing, of telling the wonderful things I've been lucky enough to experience, to discover, and to love. My travels, the people who have been or are part of my life, my moments of emotions"

A duo that has a "Nez"

Brudis and Sonia are two French-born enthusiasts who love to travel the world. Their adventures finally led them to Montreal, where they decided to settle down and embark on one of their greatest adventures: creating a collection of fragrances based entirely on essential oils.

On February 26, 2021, they founded Kanopé, a natural artisan perfumery that respects people's health, the environment and animals. Each fragrance is designed and handcrafted with care by the creator, Sonia, using high-quality essential oils. To create each fragrance, she draws inspiration from their memories, emotional moments and travels.

Complementary in life and in running their business, this passionate couple invite you to travel to the heart of a universe where emotions and stories are lived and told through fragrances, stories that only your skin can read.


Smells play an important role in our lives, without us even realizing it.
They improve our mood and possess an invisible force that opens a world to our memories and emotions.
Kanopé Fragrances aims to take you on a journey to the heart of a unique and non-gendered natural perfumery.
Made only from natural vegetal materials, discover the power of nature at the heart of our emotions.


Authenticity: making quality and choice of materials a priority

Creativity : the will to constantly innovate and to make you discover a unique and non-gendered perfumery

Respect: for nature and the health of each individual

Love: of perfumery, of scents, of Life.


Kanopé represents a bridge between two worlds.
A passion and love for traditional perfumery with the desire to offer healthier and responsible perfumes.
All our perfumes are created and bottled by hand in our workshop in Montreal.
Scents are linked to our personality and emotions, which is why our fragrances are gender neutral.


Convinced that it is essential to use raw materials that respect the human body, the health of each individual and the environment. All our perfumes are designed with natural essences, essential oils and absolutes.

Our perfumes are made without any synthetic or animal materials.

We are pleased to work with local suppliers based in Quebec and Canada whose passion for their profession is reflected in the quality of their oils.