The pleasure of being natural: why I chose to make natural perfumes.

Natural perfumes, an experience like no other:

It is often mistakenly thought that because it is a natural perfume we are not going to live an olfactory experience like with a traditional perfume (made with natural and synthetic materials). It is true that working with a natural perfume is more difficult. Made from essential oils, absolutes or natural essences, it is more complicated and request more time for "le Nez" (the creator) to find the perfect stability and balance of the perfume. Indeed, natural fragrances are living perfumes, essential oils and absolutes are the souls of plants, they allow us to discover all its beauty and richness.

The history of perfume

When they are used in a perfume, they need time to blend together and reveal all their facets. In general, when I start working on a new fragrance, each test can take several days, even weeks, before revealing the final scent. 
The smell, the result obtained after the evolution of the juice is sometimes quite different from the trail obtained during the creation of the mixture.The road is therefore long, and you need to be patient when you have a very precise idea of the perfume you want to create. This is also the reason why it is important to know your raw materials well, because a scent has many facets.
For example, Jasmine has a heady white flower scent, but it also has a fruity, slightly animal, green facet. Depending on the materials you work with, some of these facets will stand out more.
But I'm getting lost. I just wanted to tell you that the olfactory experience that you will live with a natural perfume, consequently which does not have any synthetic materials, will be certainly different, but just as beautiful or even more; because the smell of Jasmine, of Oud, or of any other materials, will never be as beautiful as the natural essence. Our nose perceives subtleties, differences, that chemistry cannot imitate or equal. 
If you still have a doubt, I invite you to experience it. Choose a traditional perfume and a natural perfume of the same family (woody example) and smell them! And, if you feel like it, write to me to share your impressions.

Now that you know a little more about the difference between traditional and natural fragrances, I'd like to answer a question I get asked a lot:

"Why I chose to make natural fragrances".

Sonia Limar Talec

Even if the first paragraph is already a good reason, it is not the main one. Six years ago, I was diagnosed with a skin disease. In my misfortune, I was very lucky to be detected and treated in time. When you go through certain trials, you question yourself, you want to change your habits and be more attentive to certain things.
This was my case. I would like to specify that I did not get sick because of a cosmetic ingredient or any other material of a product. But it made me want to pay more attention to products, their manufacturing methods and their ingredients.
As someone who has always been immersed in the world of beauty and perfumes, I never really cared about their composition.
And when I became interested, I was unfortunately disappointed to learn that some of the ingredients used in the products I used, whether it was cosmetics, perfumes, hygiene products, household products or other products of my daily life, represented a risk for health and the environment.

Shortly after, I immigrated to Quebec. Montreal, its energy, its simplicity of life, the people I met helped me change my habits and grow my love for natural products.

It was therefore obvious that when I embarked on the incredible adventure of entrepreneurship, I could not do it any other way than with these values that drive my daily life and that have become essential to me.

All this became possible when I met Jacynthe, my mentor.

She is the one who trained me in the wonderful world of essential oils and natural perfumes. All these moments spent with her are memories that I cherish and that have brought me a lot personally, humanly and professionally.

In spite of the still particular circumstances due to Covid, I have today the chance to make you travel in my universe and to speak to you and perhaps even transmit my love for perfumes and natural products.

Essential oils have benefits for our body and our mind. A natural perfume is like a therapeutic perfume, essences speak to our senses. Natural products have become an integral part of my daily life, changing my habits for more responsible and respectful products, both for myself and the environment, is certainly one of the best decisions I've made.


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