The different concentrations of perfume

Eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, what does it really mean, is there really a difference?

In this new article I will explain the different types of perfumes, and you will see that it is very simple to understand.

It's all about concentration.

When we create a perfume we imagine its character, its identity and therefore its concentration.
The concentration is defined by the quantity of raw materials.
The more raw materials there are, the stronger the perfume will be and the more character it will have on your skin, as well as a longer lasting hold.

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But, before seeing this more closely, you should know that a perfume is made of two main ingredients:

- The concentrate: these are the essences, the essential oils that compose the formula of the perfume. A perfume can be composed of 9 to several hundred essences. They can be natural or synthetic.

- The alcohol or vegetable oils: the composition of essences could not be used without a liquid to dilute it. The alcohol is the substance which allows to dilute the concentrate so that this one is volatile, applicable, and that its behavior remains on the skin. In most cases it is denatured to make it impossible to consume.

Now we can talk about the different concentrations.

Eau de Toilette:

Eau de toilette has a sparkling and fresh scent due to its lighter trail.
Its concentration in raw materials varies between 6 and 12%.
It is perfectly appropriate to the people who like to be perfumed with lightness and who rather prefer discrete scents.

Eau de Parfum:

More intense than Eau de toilette, therefore more concentrated in raw materials, Eau de parfum is perfect to accompany you in your daily life.
Its trail full of finesse allows us to live our fragrance throughout the day.
The concentration of the perfumes varies between 10 and 20 %. 

At Kanopé we have chosen to increase this concentration for even more pleasure and to have a better holding. Our Eaux de parfum are concentrated between 14 and 16 %.


Our collection of Eau de Parfum

Parfum :

Also called elixir or essence, the perfume is precious juice that puts forward the character of the creation.
A powerful yet delicate trail, a veil is enough to leave your olfactory trace.
Generally reserved for the great moments, the great occasions; we made the choice to offer it at an attractive price to make each day a great moment, a day filled with emotion.
You will have understood it thus its concentration in raw materials is even more concentrated, between 15 and 30 %.

At Kanopé, our perfumes are concentrated between 17 and 20 %.  


Our perfume collection

Extrait de Parfum :

Real soul of the perfume, the extract has presence and subtlety.

Rich and highly concentrated, most extracts contain 20 to 40% of raw materials, enough to give you a perfect perfume.
Everything in the extract is beauty, its bottle, its juice, perfuming yourself with an extract is a sensual and elegant ritual.

The bottle must be gently tipped over so that the precious juice settles on the inside of the cap. With the help of this tip, we deposit a few drops behind our ears, in the hollow of our neck, our chest, without forgetting our wrists or the folds of the elbows, everywhere you want on your hot spots, because the heat of your skin will amplify your wake.

It only remains for you to choose which type of perfume you want.


Can we offer a perfume?

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