Can we offer a perfume?

Perfume is an object of desire that we like to possess.

Wearing it every day or for certain occasions, it is part of our daily life.
It reinforces our confidence, it improves and increases our positivity, our good mood.
It is a feature of our personality and becomes a part of us, our olfactory signature.

But can we offer perfume to a person?

This is a question we have all asked ourselves at least once.
Often seen as "too personal", "too intimate" or too much of a "risk", it is a gift idea that is quickly abandoned.

And yet, it is a wonderful gift to show our affection to a person we know on the tip of our "nose".

Our perception of scents and our feelings about them are very different from one person to another, which is why it is often difficult to give a fragrance.

However, if you know the person to whom you want to offer the perfume, his personality, his character, what he likes or hates, you already have valuable information to find his scent.
Is she an extrovert or a reserved person? If she is reserved, she will probably like a soft, discreet, powdery scent. An assertive person will more easily go for a stronger fragrance.
The lovers of nature, of the walk, of the walks in forest will appreciate wooded, green, citrus perfume.
Sporty people will easily wear fresh, dynamic, even aquatic perfumes.
Their lifestyle and hobbies will help you refine your search. Someone who likes to go out, to party, will not wear the same scent as someone who likes to stay at home by the fire.

You can also investigate the person's bathroom to find out what scents they wear and research similar scents from the same olfactory family. (The 7 olfactory families)

While all of these elements are not an exact science, they will help you in your choice as long as you put your personality and personal tastes aside.

We often make the mistake of basing ourselves on our desires, our feelings, but as stated at the beginning of this article the sense of smell is intimately linked to our emotions, our memories and your feeling will be different from the one of the person you want to offer the fragrance to.
Obviously, when we offer something, we must like it at least, it is part of the pleasure of offering, but you must also remain focused on the tastes, personality, habits of the person you want to spoil.

What is wonderful in the world of perfume is that behind each creation is a story, and we are often more apt to love and discover a fragrance when we are told its secrets, its notes, its trail.

Discovering a fragrance calls upon all your senses.

Through sight, touch (the bottle), smell (its scent) and words (its story).
So, when you have made your choice, find out about these elements in order to make the discovery of the fragrance a unique experience.
Despite all this, you are still hesitating and you are not convinced.

If you still have doubts, you have an option to surprise and be sure to please, the discovery box.
Most of the brands offer boxes with small sizes of their collection to discover the universe of the brand and its different fragrances. With this idea you are sure not to be mistaken.
And if you are still not convinced you can always opt for a gift card while explaining the perfumes of the chosen brand that you liked and seduced.

So, you still think that it is not possible to offer a perfume?

 Discovery box

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