Te Anau, the gates to Paradise

On the road 

Road trip is certainly my favorite way to travel. It allows me to fully enjoy the country and to discover all its beauty.

Behind a simple trip on the roads, the road trip conveys a whole imagination and a quantity of feelings. When you arrive in a country and the road trip begins, no matter what type of vehicle you choose, a van, a car, a 4x4... you let yourself be carried away by the trip. The road becomes as important as the destinations. Very quickly we let go and nothing is important anymore except enjoying and living the moment, the landscapes, imagining and talking about the destination.

My first road trip, and certainly the longest, was 11 years ago. I had the chance to travel the roads of Australia and New Zealand for almost a year and a half. Uluru blog

Even if it was several years ago, I will never forget this feeling of freedom, escape, connection with Nature, but especially the happiness I felt. This plenitude which settles when, hair blowing in the wind, the landscapes scroll in front of you while your favorite playlist is on. The pleasure of arriving at your destination and start exploring to discover all the beauty.

If I tell you about this particular trip, it's because it's also when I fell in love with the country where I would like to live in a few years: New Zealand.

Aotearoa (New Zealand in Maori) is an Oceania country composed of two main islands (the North Island and the South Island)

A unique nature destination, with breathtaking landscapes and colours that you won't find anywhere else. It is a country of such beauty that it is easy to lose track of time and let yourself live.

We had planned to do three months on each of the islands, but no sooner had we set off from Christchurch (South Island) than we knew it would be difficult to do both islands in "only" three months.

My new creation, Te Anau, is the name of a town in the west of the South Island, mainly known as the gateway to Fjordland National Park. 

A national park where the main attractions are ice-covered fjords, ice-sculpted lakes, mountains and rainforests.

A gateway to paradise. 

This scenic dead-end road provides two hours of breathtaking scenery. 
The trip is not very long, but it is better to plan more time, because the desire to stop every five kilometers to enjoy the view or hike is omnipresent.
It is in this park, at the end of the road, that Milford Sound is located, a natural wonder.
Milford Sound is known as one of the most beautiful fjords in New Zealand.

Its magnificent glacier-like mountains along an inlet make it an ideal setting.

This new fragrance is my interpretation of this little piece of paradise.

As gentle as a breeze that caresses your face, the fragrance reveals milky notes where Hô wood blends with the delicate trail of coconut.
When it reveals its heart, it is a finely wooded scent that offers itself to us. The amber resins join the luminous notes of incense, reminding us of the tropical forests that border the lakes or shimmer the reflections of the majestic mountains.
Then, we finally see it! 
It stands there in front of us. 
Then, a feeling of wonder takes hold of us, we just have to enjoy the moment and let ourselves be enveloped by its powdery trail, where the beauty of the iris blends with the sweetness of the ambrette.


I hope this fragrance will make you travel to the heart of this island at the other end of the world, and who knows, you may have found your next travel destination.

Te Anau 

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