2000 kilometers to get to you, the question arises.

We hear "It's just a big rock" "it's not worth it".
But our curiosity prevails, let's go on an adventure in the spiritual heart of Australia. 
What would have been our mistake not to cross the Australian bush, this red land, far from everything, to come and admire you, jewels of nature, emblem of a country, symbol of a people.
Standing, looking at the horizon, amazed by this Sacred land, how could we forget the feeling of well-being and peace that you offered us, when these shades of red danced around you at dusk.
An unforgettable spectacle, worth 2000 km.

When I started creating perfumes, it was obvious that one of my first creations would be related to my year spent discovering this wonderful island continent.

But what moment, what memory? We created so many, how to choose? 

During this adventure we had the chance to live extraordinary moments, and to be amazed on a daily basis, from Kangaroo Island, through Karijini National Park, or Ningaloo Marine Park, without forgetting the Gibb River Road, to name a few.
But, in all these beautiful memories, our crossing from Darwin to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, remains in my eyes a wonderful moment; because it is not every day that you cross a desert! And to be honest, I didn't really know what to expect, I didn't expect much given the feedback that people had shared with us.

So it's important to form your own opinion!

Much more than this crossing of the Australian bush, the Uluru fragrance was born from a special moment.

This iconic rock is full of history, secrets and legends. 
A "living" relic of the aboriginal peoples, they have a spiritual connection to Uluru, whose first ancestors climbed it.
Despite the sign at the foot of the rock "We don't climb" that invites us to do the same, many tourists have tried to climb Uluru, sometimes to the detriment of their lives.  Fortunately, this is no longer allowed since 2019.
Especially since there is a more respectful, less dangerous, and magical way to discover this rock, you just have to go around it. 
I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to do so, and if you have already done so, then I wish you to have been able to immerse yourself in this magic, these smells, these sensations, and these mysteries!

Of this red earth, drinking the burning sun, which makes us appreciate all the more the refuge that some rare corners of shade of this monolith can give us, of this mineral odor accompanied by these vegetable scents when we are close to it. 

An earthy, warm sensuality that invades us, and transports us into the heart, and the mysteries of Australia!

You will perhaps understand better how I have imaged this fragrance; a flight of citrus fruits, fresh and orangey, as an invitation to come and discover this Earth.
A warm, spicy, slightly smoky heart, thanks to a cocktail of spices and fabulous Hinoki wood, which for me represents the very spirit of Uluru.

And from its mineral background, softened by the elegance of Australian Sandalwood, never forgetting that with all the magic this rock had already given us, this magic was amplified when the shades of color began to dance around it at sunset.

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