An animal like no other

In 2020, despite the difficult and special year we had, some great things came out of it.
Nine years after our year of traveling in Australia we had the pleasure to go back before the covid-19 put the world on pause. (Discover the red center of Australia: Uluru) Of course this time we were there for a much shorter period of time, but what a thrill to see Melbourne again, the city where it all began so many years ago; to relive and remember all the beginnings of this great and beautiful adventure.
But when you only have "one month" to enjoy Australia, it is important to be well organized; the country is so big that you have to make choices.
During our first visit we missed this island in the south-east.
Tasmania is full of natural treasures and many people call it "the little New Zealand".
It is there that we decided to enjoy a large part of our Australian month.

I would have a lot of things to tell you about the beauty of these landscapes, and the kindness of the inhabitants, but today this article is to tell you the history and the secrets of our Platypus fragrance. So if you want to know more about this beautiful island, my best advice would be to jump in and make your own opinion: go to Tasmania.
The Platypus or ornithorynque in French, this small animal so singular and enigmatic which has a beak of duck, a tail of beaver, legs and a body of otter, is an animal that can be admired on the Australian east coast...if you have patience.
Indeed, this small being so particular is a great shy, it flees at the least noise.

We had already tried our luck without much success.
But this time we were in good circumstances.
We stopped in Latrobe, in the north of Tasmania, on a beautiful and hot day. The prospect of finding refuge from the scorching heat under the protection of the forest completely charmed us, and we had learned that the river was reputed to be a place where one would be likely to see the much sought after animal.

The sun is at its zenith, revealing the fragrant scents, subtle and warm aromas of the forest.
The shade of the big trees offers us a little freshness, the river flows slowly and rocks us with its song, our stroll is soft and resourcing; but hardly had we made a few meters that he presented himself to us, playing in the bubbles of the river.
Lively, mischievous, and absolutely adorable, the Platypus offered us an unusual show.
Obviously he didn't see or hear us, because during our first attempt we had waited 2 hours at the edge of a river without speaking and without moving too much; a beautiful moment of connection with nature but not with our platypus.
Since the time we wanted to meet this phantasmagorical animal we sat on the ground and enjoyed this wonderful moment.

When we returned to Canada, it was obvious that I was going to create a fragrance of this magical moment and in the image of this extraordinary animal. (Create a perfume)
Platypus is therefore a singular fragrance, unusual, full of mystery.
Its soft, sunny and green flight invites us to enjoy this walk in the forest, the meeting of lime, yellow mandarin and rosemary.
Then its heart, both enigmatic and aquatic, composed of flowers, spices and wood, takes us into a delicately mossy trail, where patchouli meets the unique notes of oak moss.

I wish you a wonderful walk and the chance to meet this little supernatural being.


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