Valentine's Day.

As soon as the end of the year holidays are over, a new celebration is approaching at full speed.
Like every year, February 14th will be under the theme of love and romance. An important date in the perfume industry.

But do you really know the origin of this tradition? How did it evolve through time to become such a commercialized holiday today?

The origin of Valentine's Day:

Often referred to as the day of lovers, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th each year.

Traditionally marked by the exchange of postcards, sweet words, gifts, there are several theories about the origin of this day.

One of the stories tells that this day would be associated with St. Valentine, a Christian priest living in Rome in the third century, during the time of Emperor Claudian II.


According to the legend, the emperor had ordered the prohibition of marriages for single men, because he believed that these men would be better soldiers if they did not start a family. St. Valentine would have broken this law by continuing to offer these couples the opportunity to marry in secret, and he would have been arrested and executed for it.

Or it could be due to his proximity to the pagan celebrations of fertility that took place in February in Roman antiquity.

Another theory is that it is possible that this day became associated with love in the Middle Ages, when poets and writers began to use this occasion to celebrate courtly love, which was a romantic ideal of chivalrous love between a man and a woman.

All these stories are just theories, there is no historical evidence on the creation of this event. But Valentine's Day has evolved through the centuries to become what it is today.

The first Valentine:

It's hard to say exactly who was the first person to send a Valentine's Day postcard, as the history of this tradition is pretty fuzzy.
However, Charles of Orleans, a French nobleman poet living in the 15th century, is often cited as one of the first men to write Valentine's Day love notes. 

Imprisoned in the Tower of London for 25 years after the Battle of Azincourt, he wrote many poems of love and sadness during this period of his life. These writings were intended for his wife, who remained in France, but also for other women.

A commercial holiday:

Celebrated by couples, to express their affection and love, in many countries around the world, Valentine's Day began to be celebrated in the eighteenth century.  It is a time to exchange postcards, messages of love and even gifts. It is only in the nineteenth century that it began to be marketed. 
The first printed postcards made their grand entrance, the sales of flowers and chocolates increased, it became difficult to offer a simple word of love to his half.
Fear of being forgotten, proof of love, in the twentieth century, February 14th became an important commercial holiday with intensive advertising campaigns for romantic gifts, restaurants and even romantic weekends. And it is well known! Nothing is too good for love! 

Companies have seen the opportunity to monetize this day by offering products and services related to love. And the perfume industry is one of them. 

Particularly active on Valentine's Day, as perfumes are considered one of the most popular romantic gifts for this occasion, this date has become a highlight in the world of scents.

But why do we give perfume on this occasion?

Often associated with a proof of love, it is an emotional gift, a perfume is something personal that often reminds us of the loved one. 
When we offer it to someone, we take the time to choose it carefully. Similarly, when a person wears it, he or she thinks of the person who gave it to them.
Perfumes are often associated with memories and emotions, giving someone a perfume can be a way to let them know you are thinking of them in a special way. (Can we offer a perfume?)

Celebrate all kinds of love:

Associated with people in couples, Valentine's Day can be a painful day for singles. 
A time to reflect on their love situation, sometimes causing a feeling of loneliness.
But this day does not define the value of our love life. One can be single and feel complete and fully happy. 

Even though love is not a date, it can be an opportunity to celebrate love and affection in all its forms. To remember that love is not limited to a romantic relationship. It is possible to celebrate the love we have for our loved ones, our family, our friends, and even the love we have for ourselves.

Remember that Valentine's Day is all about spending quality time together and celebrating all kinds of love.

Happy Valentine's Day

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