When I create a fragrance, I am often inspired by memories, people, places that I have visited and that have touched me. I try to capture what made those moments unique and reflect the atmosphere and feelings I experienced. 

In 2017, I had the chance to travel through part of Asia for several months. I was so looking forward to visiting Thailand, seeing its floating markets, worshiping in its temples and lounging by the sea on its white sand beaches. I was looking forward to discovering the cultural diversity and the beauty of Malaysia's rainforests. To feast on delicious fruits and to marvel at this world of a thousand colors.


As for our last destination, Bali, I was more apprehensive. However, all the people I know or that I met painted me a sublime picture, but I imagined this small island overcrowded with tourists, and to be honest when I travel, I like to be alone or with few people, to fully immerse myself in the magic of the place and recharge my batteries.

My “Coup de Coeur”

Bali turned out to be my favorite part of the trip! I literally fell in love with this enchanting island. There is so much to see in the world, that I don't really like to go back to the same place twice, except if I'm enchanted by the place, and well I will return with great pleasure to Bali!

So you guessed it, for my new creation, I was inspired by this jewel of Indonesia with emerald colors. This island has a lot of wealth. Its temples, its rice fields, its idyllic beaches, its breathtaking landscapes ... But a small corner of paradise located in the heart of Bali, has particularly charmed me and made me want to capture the essence of this magical place.

Ubud, a town located in the mountains of Bali, is known for its art, culture, lush nature and peaceful natural environment, where rice terraces meet the lush jungle. 

When we first visited Ubud, we were immediately captivated by its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The rice terraces offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, thick forests, rivers and mountainous landscapes, while the ancient temples and monkey shrines add a touch of mystery and history to the town.

It is a unique place where one can connect with nature and get lost in the streets. Considered the cultural and spiritual center of Bali, Ubud offers its visitors an authentic and enchanting experience. Spiritual practices are everywhere, with temples and altars around every corner. But what makes Ubud truly special is the creative atmosphere that prevails. The streets are filled with local artisans selling paintings, sculptures, and traditional textiles.

This is what inspired my new fragrance. I wanted to capture the wonderful memories of this place in a bottle, carefully selecting raw materials that reflect the essence of the city, reminiscent of its landscapes, its lush nature, its colors and its special fragrances.

The fragrance

Its sparkling and luminous opening evokes the warm rays of the sun illuminating the surrounding rice fields, while a heart of geranium and ginger adds a floral and spicy dimension to the fragrance, evoking the beauty of Ubud's lush gardens and the exotic spices found in the local market stalls. 

The aquatic scent of blue lotus takes us into the heart of these lush rice fields where the depth of vetiver reveals the damp, smoky notes of this land. Deep roots of nature, the Atlas cedar is the anchor in the spiritual world.

An invigorating, vivid olfactory symphony that will reveal the hidden treasures of these magical places. 

This new natural fragrance is a celebration of the beauty and serenity of this unique city. An ode to nature, art and culture, and the harmony that comes with it. I hope this new fragrance will transport you, too, to the streets of this enchanting Balinese city.

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