Two for Tea

It is often said that life is made up of small joys, you just have to learn how to appreciate them.

Certain memories that seem "banal" to us can sometimes turn into real moments of emotion, memories that we cherish and would love to revive.
When I create a perfume, these are these moments and these people so dear to my heart that I want to share with you, these little things that change everything and make a life, in this case my life.
But it took me some time to learn to cherish these moments, which often seem natural to us, and even more to know how to talk about them and share them.

Two for tea is one of those moments

I went back to childhood, where sibling relationships are so unique. Make small, harmless emotions, invented expressions, stories that make us laugh and cry, but also imperceptible annoyances for the other, warnings, bickering... 


In front of this old 60's classic movie, it is a moment of alchemy; your cheerfulness, your contagious laughter, your face that lights up as this song resounds:

"Tea for two and two for tea, me and you and you and me…"

It is all this richness that I wanted to share in this fragrance, this little harmless moment, which has become a precious memory.

An English ginger tea, which reveals itself under lively, sparkling and greedy notes, like your bursts of laughter, with the marriage of lime and bergamot. Then its heart transports us with joy, the seductive ginger comes to balance the warmth of the Atlas cedar.

An elixir of cheerfulness which will know how to awaken our senses.

In the words of Marcel Proust, "Let us be grateful to the people who give us happiness; they are the charming gardeners by whom our souls are in bloom".

And you little brother, you knew how to make mine bloom.


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  • TALEC Véronique

    Tout comme d’habitude un texte emprunt de joie et de bonheur qui irait jusqu’à tirait une petite larme avec des mots tellement bien choisis et une écriture pleine de promesse. Toutes mes félicitations chaque blog que tu fais pour tes parfums sont vraiment magnifique et nous transporte dans ton univers

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