We all feel the need and desire to love and be loved; the love of our family, our friends, a man, a woman.


But there are thousands of ways to conceive a love relationship.
I've always liked to think that beyond a love, a lover, the person who shares our life is above all our best friend.

A friend, who knows you, and loves you as you are; with your qualities, your faults, and your habits.

With Tomo fragrance, I wanted to thank the man who has been sharing my life for 15 years, because there is nothing more precious than the feeling of existing for someone.

But why Tomo?

Indeed, it's not his first name, nor the little nickname I give him. Tomo is a small Japanese keychain that I gave him.

4 years after we met, we decided to sell all our belongings, and to try the most beautiful adventure of our lives; a year and a half of travel in Australia and New Zealand. 
One and a half year both of us to travel these two islands, to live according to our desires, and to enjoy nature.
A test for our couple, which turned out to be an explosion of love 

For this elixir, I used the most beautiful materials, from Iris, sandalwood, tonka bean, without forgetting vanilla, precious ingredients, full of character and romanticism.

A juice of mystery, which reveals a generous and bewitching heart.

A poetic, hypnotizing trail, like whispers of sweet words.

Since then, our little Tomo is always on his keys, this little object that has so many meanings, memories, and value for us. This key ring, which has become a good luck charm, reminds us of a phrase by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

"To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction."

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