Archipelago of Norway, located in the Arctic Ocean beyond the Arctic Circle.

Svalbard, which means "cold shores" is the kingdom of the polar bear.

A small piece of land where temperatures often remain negative and rarely exceed 10 degrees, even in summer.

But these isolated landscapes, many of which are covered with ice, have many beauties to share with you.

An incredible fauna, polar foxes, walruses, whales, polar bears, reindeer... A sun that never sets, called the midnight sun, this phenomenon occurs around the summer solstice and lasts until the end of August; and glaciers whose lights from the curve of the sun come to dance on it.

Despite these points, it may be difficult to understand why we chose this destination for our honeymoon, and why we did it in a tent!

We always had this dream to go to Antarctica, and we promised ourselves that if one day we got married it would be our honeymoon! 

Unfortunately it's a long and expensive trip, so while waiting to reach the South Pole, we decided to go North!

And we were not disappointed! 

It's difficult to describe such a trip, and the sensations we lived, it's really what we call an immersion in the middle of nature. We live simple things, without comfort, we are cut off from the rest of the world, but it doesn't matter, because we are together and the landscapes are beautiful.

Imagined for 10 days, no fridge, it's quite cold outside, or you can use the small icebergs stranded on the beach, but be careful with the animals! No TV, internet, social networks; we are so immersed in this world of technology that we forget how good it feels to get away from it all and be isolated in the middle of nature.

Svalbard is therefore a fragrance to retranscribe this trip, these emotions, these magic moments, and these more difficult moments; because believe me, 10 days outside with low temperatures, surrounded by ice, and do not spend the whole night because you have to keep the bear in turn in case of an attack, there are difficult moments!

So I imagined this perfume like our honeymoon, cold, polar, but overflowing with romance and love!

A fresh fragrance, like the north wind, the meeting of peppermint and frankincense; overflowing with sweetness, thanks to the powdery facet of the iris, accompanied by sweet notes with which the delicious tonka bean is mixed.

It's time to take your fleece and discover the great North!


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  • Talec

    Comme d’habitude toujours émerveillée et plein de profondeur tes textes on ne les lit pas on les vie on.les ressent et on est plongé dans tes aventure sublime et magnifique sont les seuls mots qui me viennent à l’esprit BRAVO

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