There is an olfactory family in perfumery too little known to my taste, called the family of leathers. (The 7 olfactory families)

A perfume with personality, this family has a particular link with the beginnings of perfumery in the city of Grasse

In the 16th century Grasse was known for its tanneries; and to remove the animal smell from the leather, the tanners used natural essences from the region.

This is how the profession of glove maker was born; an essential accessory at the time. Then the glove industry declined little by little and the tanners of Grasse abandoned gloves completely to devote themselves solely to perfume. (The history of perfume)

You will have understood that Serge is part of this family. A vegan leather, strong, powerful, and at the same time full of tenderness and softness.

The magic alliance of the Roman Chamomile, bright and juicy, associated to the sublime white flower with the apricot trail, the Osmanthus flower; on a leathery vanilla background.

A duality, neither masculine nor feminine, animal (natural) and yet so refined; Serge is a perfume of the skin that you must live the adventure by wearing it.

But why Serge?

Five letters can sometimes mean a lot, and these five letters form the first name of two men who have a particular importance in my life, because they knew how to inspire me, and without really knowing it they gave me the strength and the courage to go to the end of my dream.

Traveling in the Serge Lutens universe was for me like a creative breath that animates artists. By discovering his universe and his perfumes, I really became aware of the desire and the passion that animated me, the desire to express myself through my scents, my creations, my perfumes.

Then there is this man...the man for whom I was a princess as a child; the man who took care of my little hurts, and who could not refuse me anything, as most fathers do to their daughters.

The man who contributed to the construction of the woman I am, and even if life separated us, that we lost many years, I want him to know that he will always have a special place in my heart.

Serge is therefore a perfume of emotion, and recognition for two special men.
You know now a little more about the family of leathers and the secrets of our fragrance Serge, what to tell you more except to let you tempt by this unusual family, by these perfumes of skins that I favorite, and which are for me the most beautiful perfumes.


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