Secret garden

We all have places that are dear to us where we feel good, in harmony with ourselves.

Where all of a sudden nothing matters anymore, and we can simply enjoy the present moment.
Nature and gardens have this impact, they have many positive benefits on our health and our mood.


Rose Garden

The silent flower

To enjoy or take care of your garden is to awaken your senses. It is to enjoy a colorful refuge. Cut off from the world, the sounds of Nature and birds accompany us. Where every breath you take transports you into your memories, thanks to the lullaby of the aromas of the flowers, the herbs, the trees...
There is something very poetic in the way of taking care of a garden, each gesture is like a caress.
But there is something unforgettable about watching a loved one take care of this sensory refuge.
To see the softness in their face, the tenderness of their gestures and the love they show to this place.
My grandfather was one of those people who devote a special cult to his garden. When he took care of this place, you could clearly see the aura of well-being he felt.
And even though, as a little girl, I didn't yet realize how beautiful and important these memories would be, today I enjoy remembering these moments, imagining him singing to his plants, whistling with the birds and whispering to his roses.
One beautiful Summer day while he was whispering some mysteries to his roses, he looked at me with love and promised to tell me a secret!
He was about to tell me what his favorite rose was! Was it the Julia Rose, the Hannah Rose, the Iceberg Rose....?
With this new fragrance, I wanted to take you on a journey to the heart of this secret garden and share with you the smell of this rose.
A rose full of sweetness and love.
Its sunny start, like a beautiful summer afternoon, where orange notes mingle with the citrus and floral trail of grapefruit opens up a juicy and sensual heart, the magical alliance of Davana and Moroccan rose.

But once the secret is revealed, slightly praline scents embrace us, the combination of White Amber and Tonka Bean.


Natural fragrance: Secret

Natural perfume Secret

Have you discovered our secret?

Do you know the name of this rose? If you don't, I'll give you a little hint. Just think of the name of the creator

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