Preserve your perfume

The beauty of natural perfumes lies in the quality of the raw materials used. (Create a perfume)

Unique and complex scents, it is important to take care of this precious juice and to preserve it correctly to enjoy it for a long time.

How long can we keep a natural perfume?

Natural perfume does not expire like food or cosmetics. However, its quality can deteriorate over time, especially if it is poorly stored.

I like to compare natural fragrances to wine. Indeed, like wine, the quality of the ingredients, the production methods, the expertise and the know-how of the creator/producer are important factors. And, like a fine wine, natural fragrances improve over time.

Composed of only two types of ingredients: natural raw materials and alcohol or vegetable oil, they evolve and change depending on the conditions in which they are worn and stored.

Although vegetable oils can be used in perfumes, they are generally not preferred, as they tend to become rancid over time, while alcohol is an effective solvent for dispersing essential oils and has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can extend the life of the perfume. Moreover, some fragrances such as woody, leathery, oriental, keep better than others. Citrus and floral fragrances tend to evaporate more quickly and are less stable, as they are more delicate and fragile.

If you store your fragrance well according to the following rules, you can enjoy it and wear it for many years.

The four golden rules:

  1. In the dark and far from any heat or humidity, you will keep it.

All fragrances don’t appreciate light and heat differences.

This is one of the reasons why our fragrances are kept in black bottles. Even though essential oils are less sensitive to light when diluted in alcohol, ultraviolet rays can alter their molecules and thus affect the quality and shelf life of your fragrance. Temperature changes and especially heat can degrade your precious juice much faster.

The place where you will keep your bottle is therefore essential! As you can see, it is important to avoid a windowsill or a place too exposed to the light, as well as the proximity of a heat source like a radiator is not recommended.

Even if we are used to keep our perfume in the bathroom, it is not the ideal place because it is too humid and heated.

  1. Thou shalt avoid contact with the air.

Repeated contact with the air can promote oxidation of your fragrance, which can change its smell or color. It is therefore important to put the cap back on your bottle after each use. Also, if it has been a long time since you last sprayed your perfume, do a few sprays in the "wind" to clean the tube inside the bottle, as it may be slightly clogged.

Attention, oxidation is not a sign of expiration, the best way to know if your perfume is still of good quality is to smell it. You are the only judge. If in doubt, apply a little spray on your wrist, wait a few moments and smell it. It continues to make you travel, the smell remains pleasant, and the magic always operates, all is well. If you have a doubt, if you smell an unpleasant, metallic smell, it may be time to change perfume. (a sense to our emotions)


  1. Put it away

We have just seen that perfume, heat, light and humidity do not mix well. But what is the best place to display this precious elixir?

The ideal is to leave it in its original packaging, because if the perfume is presented in a box, it is not just for the pleasure of our eyes. The bottle is protected from all aggressions. One of the ideal locations to keep your fragrance is your bedroom, in a rather dark corner. Indeed, this room is the least humid and often the most temperate of our home.


  1. A small format you will favor

 At Kanopé Fragrances, we made the choice to propose you two formats:

  • A 10ml format which allows you to try a perfume during two to three months, according to how you perfume yourself. (Discovery box)
  • A 30ml format that allows you to fully succumb to your fragrance and to perfume yourself for 6 months to a year. (Our collection of natural perfume)

Therefore, if you follow the four previous rules to keep your perfume you are sure to enjoy your fragrance until the last drop, because it is rare not to use a 30ml format over a period of at least one year.


The conservation of your olfactory signature has now no more secret for you. Did you already have the right gestures?

Feel free to comment your habits to keep your perfume well.



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