Perfume and the seasons

The power of fragrance: change or remain faithful?

When it comes to perfumery, there are two types of people: those who remain faithful to their fragrance for years, and those who like to change according to their moods, the seasons, and the weather. But what motivates these choices?

Faithful to my olfactory signature

For some people, a perfume is much more than just a fragrance. It's an olfactory signature, an imprint, a memory left in the minds of those around us.
These people find comfort in the familiarity of their fragrance, like a second skin that accompanies them day after day, year after year.

The reason behind this loyalty can vary. Sometimes it's a personal story attached to the fragrance, like a special encounter, a life-changing moment. For others, it's the olfactory composition, the fragrance itself, that captivates them, a symphony of notes that resonates with their personality. For these people, it's difficult to change their olfactory signature because they can't imagine wearing another scent, and why should they, they've found their own signature.

The dance of the seasons

On the other hand, there are those who see fragrances as seasonal expressions of their being. Like leaves that change color with the seasons, they like to change fragrance to match the changing mood of their environment. Fresh, light notes in summer that are perfect for hot weather, a warm, enveloping trail that harmonizes with autumn and a more pronounced, perhaps even spicy scent that warms the soul during the long winter months.

Changing fragrances is a way of adapting to natural cycles and connecting more deeply with the world around us. Each season brings with it new experiences, and what better way to accompany us on these new journeys than with a fragrance?

Olfactory emotion

Whether out of loyalty or a desire for change, our moods and emotions play a crucial role in our choice of fragrance. A fragrance can be our ally in moments of joy, a comfort in times of sadness, or even a means of reinventing ourselves in times of change.
When we like to change our perfume and we own several fragrances, we realize that many elements can play an important role in choosing the perfume of the day. The temperature outside, our mood and our energy can be determining factors.

Indeed, if the sky is blue, the sun is shining and you're excited about it all, you won't want to wear the same scent as you would on a gray, rainy day when your mood might be less jovial.

Ultimately, whether we're loyal to one fragrance or like to change with the seasons, moods and temperatures, our perfume choices are an extension of ourselves. They reflect our identity, our emotions, and our connection with the world around us.

Let your nose guide you on this sensory adventure and let yourself be transported by the delicious nuances of the art of perfumery.

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