NEZ à NEZ - Perfume creation workshop

Discover the art of creating natural perfumes during a unique Workshop

A sensory journey

In November 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to meet someone who has profoundly impacted my life. 

Jacinthe Lessard, a brilliant aromatherapist and scent enthusiast came into my life and opened the doors to a wonderful world: that of essential oils and natural perfumery. 

Thanks to Jacinthe, I had the exceptional opportunity to learn about the fascinating field of natural perfumery. She was able to guide me with patience and kindness, passing on her know-how and her precious advice.
This meeting was a real turning point in my life. Inspired and motivated by her teachings, I was able to make my childhood dream come true: to create my own collection of natural perfumes.

This is how my company was born, a natural, vegan and non-gendered perfumery: Kanopé Fragrances. (The beginnings of Kanopé)

Today, I am proud to share my passion with you and to make you travel through my creations and my universe.

But when you create such a strong bond with someone, it is rare that the adventure stays there.

Today, Jacinthe and I are delighted to be able to work "Nez à Nez" and to help the world discover the splendor of natural perfumes through our first natural perfume creation workshop. Together, we share our love for essential oils and natural perfumery, and we are proud to transmit this know-how through our workshop. We offer a unique sensory experience, where everyone can explore, experiment and express their creativity.

The goal of this workshop is to let each participant blossom as they create their own personalized perfume, choosing the essential oils that speak to them the most. We believe in the importance of the emotional connection a fragrance can create and the individual expression it allows. That's why we encourage everyone to find their own signature scent, reflecting their unique personality and preferences.

Working alongside Jacinthe is a privilege and a constant source of inspiration. We are grateful to be able to combine our noses to create unique fragrance experiences and to contribute to the growing awareness of the importance of natural fragrance in our world.

So, open your senses and let yourself be transported to an enchanting world where natural fragrances reveal themselves as olfactory poems. Embark with us on an unforgettable sensory journey.

The Harmony of Essences:

Like intertwining musical notes, the essential oils are offered to you as an olfactory symphony. Each essence is a unique voice that tells its own story, evokes emotions and transports you to sensory landscapes. The velvety aromas of vanilla awaken sweet and comforting memories, while the lively essence of lemon awakens energy and freshness. Flowers unfold their delicate scent, evoking the ephemeral beauty of nature. At the heart of this aromatic orchestra, essential oils blend and respond to each other, creating unique accords, like olfactory poems, and we are here to help you create your own. (Create a perfume blog article)

The Workshop, a creative exploration:

Our natural perfume creation workshop is an invitation to explore your own creativity and become the alchemist of fragrances. For four hours, you will be transported into a universe where imagination mingles with essences. The first part of the workshop will transport you into a theoretical dance, where we will share our knowledge of raw materials and creation methods. You will discover the secrets of top, middle and base notes, as well as the blending techniques to create balanced and captivating fragrances.

Then it's time to create your own personal fragrance. You will explore a palette of high quality ingredients that will allow you to create your own fragrance drop by drop. Let your senses guide you in the choice of essences, in the assembly of notes to create a composition that resembles you. Each added drop is an invitation to express your olfactory identity, a unique imprint that reveals your inner essence and we will have the pleasure to guide you along this olfactory path.

The Discovery of Kanopé Perfumes:

To close this experience in beauty, you will have the pleasure to discover the most popular natural perfumes of Kanopé Fragrances. Like a journey through the world, you will dive into a range of captivating fragrances. From the invigorating scents of precious woods to the soft caresses of flowers, each Kanopé fragrance tells a story, evoking a unique sensory universe. You will be invited to immerse yourself in these olfactory creations, to feel their evocative character and to let your heart guide your choice because you will have the chance to leave with a 10ml discovery format of your choice.

When you leave our perfume creation workshop, you will take home much more than two perfumed bottles. You will have discovered the subtle art of composing olfactory harmonies. You will have experienced the intimate connection between essential oils and our inner selves, awakening emotions and memories. You will also have acquired the knowledge necessary to continue your exploration of natural fragrances, transforming your daily life into a symphony of aromas.


We invite you to join us for this extraordinary workshop, where the very essence of nature is revealed through fragrance. Come live this immersive and creative experience, guided by Jacinthe Lessard and myself, two passionate artists and experts in natural perfumery. (A sense to our emotions)


Unleash the perfumer in you and join us in this new olfactory adventure.

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