Experiencing a safari in East Africa is a memory that you will always remember.  

Exciting adventure, sometimes tiring, it is a trip where wonder is omnipresent.
Where the feeling of living an extraordinary moment does not leave us and where you get back to your childhood.
During a safari, each place, each park will bring you strong, unique and unforgettable emotions.
First of all by the diversity and the beauty of the landscapes, vast plains as far as the eye can see, hills covered with green savannah, passing by parched steppes to lakes and swamps.

Also by the richness of its fauna, lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, hippos, hyenas, our child's heart resurfaces and recalls the tender memories and wonder when we watched the movie "The Lion King" except that this time, you are in the heart of the adventure.

Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Naivasha, four parks that allowed me to discover the beauty and wealth of Kenya.

Four different universes that plunge you into the heart of the country and offer you an unforgettable adventure.
Masai Mara is the extension of the Serengeti Park in Tanzania and is certainly a must-see destination during a safari in Kenya. The reserve takes its name from the tribes that inhabit it, the Masai. It is one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa, a preserved area of wild savannah that is home to a multitude of species. 
The safari as we imagine it! In a jeep in the heart of grassy plains and hills, where you can go off the beaten track in search of the "big five" - the five most sought-after mammals: lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant.
However, it is rare to see these five animals. 

Indeed, going on safari is not a visit to the zoo, you have to be patient, the very purpose of traveling is to walk the trails to admire different species in their natural habitats. 

I have always thought that no matter what the trip is, it pushes us out of our comfort zone, it helps us grow and opens our minds! 
But all this is to be earned! And even if a safari is an extraordinary journey, it is not a relaxing one because the distances between each park can be long and the roads sometimes bumpy. Add to this the early morning wake-up calls because it would be a shame to miss the sunrise safaris, when the red-orange colors reflect on the savannah that slowly awakens and comes to life. A magical moment of indescribable beauty.
With its postcard-perfect scenery, Amboseli Park is the perfect place for this kind of moment. The views of the savannah with the magnificent Kilimanjaro in the background offer unimaginable moments when the giraffes or other animals are admired and photographed in front. It's simple, you just won't want to leave!

Tsavo takes us to a very different world, more flat and desert but with a very diverse wildlife.The rare waterholes and ponds are very frequented by herds of buffaloes, crocodiles and elephants which allow us to admire these impressive animals in all tranquillity. Located near Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is home to an incredible diversity of birds and vegetation. On its shores many animals, hippos, buffalos, giraffes reside. As one of the few freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley, renting a boat will take you to see pink flamingos and hippos.

These impressive mammals with imposing tusks do not like to be disturbed. It is therefore recommended not to approach them and to admire them from afar, because contrary to what one might think they are very dangerous, fast and agile animals.

You have understood that my last creation is inspired by the Kenyan lands, its beauty, its richness and its biodiversity.

To be honest I chose to call it Naivasha because I find this name very beautiful and poetic, but I built this perfume by remembering the magic of each park. Moreover Naïvasha comes from the Masai word Nai'posha, which means "restless waters" and my particular attachment with water and the sea was seduced by this meaning.

I must confess, however, that one particular moment directed the character of the fragrance.

In the land of the Masai, the Milky Way reveals all its beauty! 

Far from any light pollution, the spectacle offered in the dark night where the stars cover the sky and let us discover all the facets of the Milky Way offers us a fairy tale canvas.
In the heart of the wilderness, isolated from everyone, the rustling of the leaves under the paws of the animals gives way to the sound of the lionesses.
It is one of those moments when we would like time to stop, when snuggled up against each other, lulled by the soft warmth of the night and this atmosphere, nothing else exists, we let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of the moment.

To recreate this atmosphere I worked around a material that I particularly appreciate, the sandalwood.

Its warm woody scent gives it a milky, powdery, even caramelized facet. It is the star of this fragrance! Accompanied by the tender, luminous and sweet notes of orange and vanilla that offers a subtle greedy trail that ambrette and Hô wood come to soften.
Naivasha is therefore a fragrance full of sweetness with a warm milky sensation that will transport you under the indescribable Kenyan starry sky.
A journey to the heart of the wilderness, an unforgettable adventure, a childhood dream come true.

I hope that you will be able to travel in the heart of Kenya.

Kenya yetu hakuna matata


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