Le Moment Exclusive Perfume

First meeting 

I remember perfectly my first meeting with Christel, the wonderful owner of the boutique "Le Moment".

I was literally seduced by her universe. 
Her store is magnificent, a world of well-being, where you can find all the essential care products, but also all kinds of local products, all in a soft, warm, gypsy atmosphere in the middle of nature.
A place where you feel good and that you don't want to leave.


Creation of an exclusive perfume

Creating the perfume "Le Moment" and being able to collaborate with Christel was an incredible and exciting experience.

To create a perfume exclusive to a person or a place, you have to know how to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, the personality, the values of the person or the place.

The fragrance "Le Moment" is a bit of both, because Christel's store is perfectly in tune with her image, and just by visiting her store one can suspect her love for woods, and particularly for sandalwood.
A small tree with a thin trunk, sandalwood does not appear to be spectacular at first glance, yet certain species can be used to obtain an essential oil that is one of the most prized raw materials in perfumery.
Its soft, creamy and velvety smell is a real enchantment.
It is the star of this fragrance.

Like the moment you will spend with Christel in her boutique, 
Le Moment is soft, enveloping and unique.

Close your eyes, relax and let go.
Let the fragrance reveal its softness with the delicacy of Neroli.
Relaxed a mysterious seduction operates, the beauty and warmth of sandalwood mingles with the notes of Ho wood, to finally delight us with its vanilla notes.

Do not open your eyes, enjoy it a little more...

To discover the fragrance

If you wish to discover this milky wood fragrance, contact Christel at

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