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Home fragrances have the power to create a magical atmosphere and transform our surroundings into a veritable haven of peace. In the world of home fragrances, essential oils prove to be real olfactory treasures, bringing a therapeutic and revitalizing dimension to our indoor environment. But what is home fragrance, why do we use them and when does this ritual begin? In this article, we explore the fascinating world of home fragrances.

The different types of home fragrance

Home fragrances are compositions designed to take us on a journey, subtly and pleasantly perfuming our interiors. Their use can transform our homes into a space of well-being and harmony. Opting for essential oil-based home fragrances can have a powerful impact on our lives, influencing our emotions, moods and well-being. They can reduce stress, boost energy, improve our mood and create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation or concentration. 

There are different possibilities for home fragrance: 

1. Room sprays: Room sprays are liquid perfume sprays, easy to spray into a room to instantly spread a pleasant fragrance. They're handy for freshening up the atmosphere in the blink of an eye, but they're not very long-lasting because they're highly volatile fragrances. For a more intense fragrance, we recommend perfuming your carpets or cushions.

2. Scented candles : Scented candles add a warm, romantic touch to the interior, while delicately diffusing their fragrance as they burn. They create a subdued, enchanting atmosphere. It's rare for candles to be designed with essential oils, as depending on their melting points, the scent may evaporate or the surface of the candle may catch fire once lit.

3. Rod diffusers: Rod diffusers are wooden sticks placed in a bottle filled with scented liquid. They soak up the fragrance and subtly diffuse it into the air for several weeks. This is generally a very popular method, as it generously scents a larger or smaller space.

4. Scented sachets : Scented sachets are small bags filled with dried plants and spices. They're perfect for scenting drawers, cupboards or cars.

5. Electric diffusers: These have become popular allies for taking full advantage of the benefits of essential oils. These devices diffuse fragrances into the air in a constant, regulated manner, creating a continuous, pleasant aromatic ambience. An immersive experience that allows us to enjoy the beauty and benefits of essential oils.  

The purpose of home fragrances

Home fragrances serve multiple purposes in our homes. Firstly, they create a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere, promoting well-being and relaxation. They can also mask unpleasant odors, such as cooking smells, by bringing a feeling of freshness to the air. They can be used to evoke memories or create positive associations. For example, a lavender fragrance can recall a country vacation, while the scent of citrus fruits can evoke beautiful summer days.

The Fascinating History of Home Fragrances

The use of room fragrances goes back to Ancient times. The Egyptians already used room fragrances based on incense and resins for religious ceremonies and funeral rituals. In ancient Greece, aromatics were burned to purify the air and create a sacred atmosphere. The Romans used scented sachets to perfume their clothes and homes. In the Middle Ages, the history of perfume and home fragrance took another turn. Used to mask bad smells, it was ubiquitous in medieval towns due to the population density and lack of sanitary facilities.

Over the centuries, home fragrances have developed in different cultures around the world. Today, the art of home fragrance has evolved into a form of artistic expression, combining creativity and technology to offer a wide range of fragrances to choose from according to our preferences.

Kanopé perfumes your home

You know our passion and love for essential oils and scents. Being able to share them with you through our natural fragrance collection is an ongoing pleasure. Having the chance to perfume your home and introduce you to another facet of our world is an exciting new adventure. 
We are proud to unveil our first two scented oils for electric diffusers. Two different universes that will take you on a journey into new stories and divinely perfume your home. 
Whether you're looking to create a relaxing, energizing or warm atmosphere, our home fragrances will offer you a unique palette of aromas. 

So dive into the wonderful world of home fragrances and let their gentle magic perfume your home.

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