Gender neutral perfumes

The history of perfume is linked to the history of Humanity.

The first traces of perfumery go back to antiquity. At that time the materials used were raw, that is to say that flowers and resins were used directly, and its use was linked to the ritual of worship.

Perfumes cross the ages, from Prehistory, through ancient Egypt, to ancient Greece, until the 19th century where there will be a great turning point.
New manufacturing and extraction techniques were introduced, as well as the development of organic chemistry, with the introduction of synthetic molecules; this was the beginning of so-called "modern" perfumery.

But are perfumes for women or men?

In nature, no scent is by definition masculine or feminine.

It is a personal perception, linked to our culture, stemming from our habits and our codes.
The brand, the packaging, the communication subtly but surely guide our choices.

At Kanopé, as with several perfume houses, we have chosen not to "gender" our fragrances.

The perfume is a vector of emotion, of memory, it is linked to us, to our personality.

Personally, I never found myself in so-called "feminine" perfumes. I've worn a lot of "masculine" perfumes, but it needed time to take the first step.

Why shouldn't a man not wear a rose perfume, when it can really surprise you, because I have always found that it is particularly sublime on a man's skin.

Why couldn't a woman wear a Vetiver fragrance, when this fine and complex scent, both gently woody and green, even slightly smoky, is absolutely beautiful on both a man's and a woman's skin.

If I may give you an advice on how to choose your fragrance, don't look, breathe, feel, try it on your skin and let the magic happen.

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  • Je porte des parfums d’homme depuis que je suis toute petite car je trouve qu’il sont frais léger et joyeux , c’est merveilleux l’idée de pouvoir porter ce notre nez désigne comme étant parfaitement en accord avec ce que l’on ressent à ce contact du parfum sur notre peau , merci et rewow!!!!


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