Find your perfume

Finding one's olfactory signature requires patience, and sometimes even courage.

A perfume is a part of us, of our life, it reflects our personality, it connects us to our emotions, to our memories.

To find your trail, you first have to ask yourself which materials and scents you like:

Do you prefer flowers? Woody scents? Spicy? Fruity? Or leather/animal?

Then be curious, we often have the impression that we don't like a particular scent, but associated with another one it may surprise you, and you might even like it, so dare to be adventurous, let yourself be tempted by less known materials and olfactory families, you may be led to make some quite surprising discoveries.

It is important to live your perfume, smelling it on a wipe is not enough. Wear it, live it! Feel how it evolves on your skin throughout your day.

It is your skin that will determine your signature.

There are perfumes that we like a lot, but that don't suit us. Why is that? It may be because of your skin type (skin tone, texture, skin type: dry, oily) or perspiration, hormones; however, the best thing to do is to try the fragrance while you're wearing it. 

Your perfume must be in harmony with your personality, your style, your temperament, your desires.

So, let yourself be tempted, go and discover new smells, new perfumes and maybe at the same time you will discover your olfactory signature.

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