Travel is an essential part of my life

Beyond taking a break from the daily routine, or a need to recharge one's batteries, traveling is a passion, a necessity! 
I need to discover new horizons, make new encounters, get lost in nature, isolate myself, find myself cut off from the outside world, soak up all this energy, and enjoy the present moment!
In 2020 we all had a difficult year. The whole world has been affected and put on hold by the pandemic.

Sadness, fears, hardships, many people have seen their daily lives change, too many people have lost a loved one or loved ones, too many people have lost their jobs, their possessions.

The Horizon fragrance has been my lifeline!

A way to escape, and to make my spirit travel, while my body was confined to the house. A breath of fresh air, among all the bad news that was communicated on a daily basis.

I imagined this fragrance in different ways

First it had to be both sparkling and tender, a need for cheerfulness and life, but above all for tenderness and balance. This is where the mischievous and sparkling bergamot and the sweet Neroli flower come into play.
An alliance that allows us to face painful moments, that comfort us, soothes us.
With a calmer mind, this fragrance had to be more spicy, mysterious, to transport me, but always with a certain sweetness.
Who better than the star of perfumery, the Damask Rose could take over to allow a harmonious emotional world?!
Supported by a cocktail of spices, this marriage is an invitation to travel. Let yourself be seduced, free your mind and let the magic happen!
But for the journey to be perfect, we are missing a small detail: our breath of oxygen.

Fresh and oxygenating, Cardamom sublimates our cocktail of spices and gives us enthusiasm and good humor with lightness and vitality, offering this sensation of better breathing. 

As I write this text, despite the past months and the efforts of everyone, the situation has not really improved.

"In spite of all that you may be experiencing, and while waiting for better days, I hope that you too will find in this fragrance, a breath of fresh air, that will make your spirit travel and warm your heart."



  • Cilvy

    WoW , que de moment de volupté de sérénités ….ds ce monde un peu trop fou , merci j’ai voyagé à travers vos descriptions….et j’irai à la découverte de vos parfums . Merci

  • Tashe

    Perfume is like poetry…
    Like words
    Scents chosen purposefully
    Placed together
    To create Art that endures
    The creator Remains
    A vital part of Universe
    In a way that is too great
    To even understand.
    Unless you have seen firsthand
    The effect when
    Two people cross paths
    And one stops midstep
    To catch the scent in the air.
    Powerful art.

    Your expression of this creation you made is powerful art. I couldn’t resist commenting…and I will emotionally endorse your product! LOL
    I read every description of all the scents. I could almost smell each one. Like words, I have loved perfume for a very long time. AND…we must support local. I am Montreal people too.
    I wish you success and abundance. This little visit into your world was a treat on a Tuesday morning.

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