Exclusive perfume: Le Moment

Exclusive perfume: Le Moment

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The fragrance "Le Moment" was created for Christel's Boutique in Saint-Sauveur.
To discover it, do not hesitate to contact her at 450-660-4630.

Relax, it's time to let go.

Soft, enveloping, unique, let yourself be invaded and enjoy this precious moment.

Seemingly so simple, it is nevertheless full of complexity and richness; it is the reflection of our personality, of our soul.

Reassuring, it reveals its softness with the delicacy of Neroli that invites us to let go.
Relaxed a mysterious seduction operates, the beauty and warmth of sandalwood mingle with the notes of Ho wood, to finally delight us with its vanilla notes.

Do not open your eyes, enjoy it a little more...

Description of the fragrance:

Main notes: Neroli / Hô wood / Sandalwood / Vanilla
Composition: Alcohol / Perfume / 100% Pure Plant essences / Vegan / Cruelty-free

  • Natural and gender-neutral fragrance
  • Concentration between 18 and 20%.
  • Reusable spray bottle 30ml
  • Reusable roll-on bottle 5ml
Directions for use :
Make a test in the bend of the elbow before use. Stop use if a reaction
Keep your perfume away from temperature variations and light
Do not spray on light-colored clothing